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They Love Not Poison (Antony Maitland, #19) Sara Woods

They Love Not Poison (Antony Maitland, #19)

Sara Woods

Published 1981
ISBN : 9780373630202
220 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a mystery set in post World War II England. A generally un-liked woman dies, but surprisingly the local doctor does not think the causes were natural. If that’s the case, then who-done-it?The locale in northern England is sparsely populated so there aren’t too many suspects. Even so I guessed incorrectly, which I attribute to good writing on the part of Woods. (Clearly that’s the case since she fooled me.)One aspect I frequently like about books that are written in the past, are the glimpses they give to life back then. They Love Not Poison had such a moment for me. Rationing is a running theme in the story, as it was a prominent factor for post-war England. At one point (and don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the plot and so does not give anything away) a Catholic priest from Ireland almost causes a crisis at his parish house when he eats as one who does not know meat is rationed. I was so intrigued I looked into this, as had I ever given it any thought I would have assumed Ireland had the same rationing issues as England. As it turns out, it didn’t. Ireland had some rationing, but it was not nearly as inclusive as that in England. So someone coming over to live in England could easily not have known that there was a shortage of meat. An interesting way to learn some history.(view spoiler)[Back to the mystery, the doctor states the deceased was poisoned by a substance readily available to everyone in the area. The question now becomes, of all those who did not like her, who disliked her enough to kill her? (hide spoiler)]