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Roger Jeremy Gerlis


Jeremy Gerlis

Published May 28th 2008
ISBN : 9780007232550
96 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Enter the extraordinarily ordinary world of a half-dressed man. In the world of Roger, silence speaks volumes, whether in the workplace, at leisure, or on his travels. In this debut collection of captionless cartoons, we share in the mundane, deadpan adventures of an expressionless, wordless, harmless man, whose full-on, half-dressed presence only the reader seems to notice. Tied to the workplace, but freed from the shackles of his lower garments, Roger continues to go about his business in his own unassuming and bemused fashion. Who is he? What is he thinking? Where are his pants? This textless, pantsless book opens a window on to Rogers life at work and promises to stand out from the crowd. As Roger might say, if only he spoke—bring it up, bring it on, bring it out.