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Your Order Sir: Heathers Story David J. Peters

Your Order Sir: Heathers Story

David J. Peters

Published February 16th 2012
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 About the Book 

Hi, my name is Heather and I’d love to tell you about what happened when I met my gorgeous dominant boyfriend Martin. I know I can look pretty good and have shoulder length blonde hair but I’d been cursed with a very shy personality. This seemed to turn the boys off me at school and other than a few unsuccessful fumbles I’d never met a guy that really lit my fire, then or later, or if I did I was too terrified to let him near me. After finishing school I got a couple of jobs and eventually left home to get my own place hoping this would give me the confidence and opportunity to get a boyfriend for real, so at the grand old age of twenty two I was still a virgin.As well as the current day job in a bank I got work in the evenings in a local bar, trying to save enough for a deposit to buy instead of renting, hoping it would help me break out of my shell. Friday and Saturday nights were usually pretty hectic but the rest of the week ticked by and didn’t take too much out of me so the day job never suffered. I first saw Martin one Friday night when he came in for a drink after work. He was gorgeous. Not excessively handsome in a Hollywood sense but enough to get me scurrying back into my shell.