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Your BRICK OVEN step-by-step Carl Da Costa

Your BRICK OVEN step-by-step

Carl Da Costa

Published December 16th 2013
Kindle Edition
27 pages
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 About the Book 

Do you enjoy GOOD food?Have you ever experienced the full potential of eating well? How about cooking dazzling foods that will amaze your friends and family leaving them begging for seconds. The once in a lifetime meals youd expect to travel far and wide for, may very well be cooked within the comfort of your own backyard. To achieve such delights there are only 2 things youll be needing: This book, and your culinary imagination!Whatever flavors and cuisines you enjoy eating, I can guarantee a world of flavors youve never experienced once you cook the foods you love in an authentic style brick oven! Up until now youve been missing out, but step-by-step this guide will take you there, through the process of building your very own beautiful authentic brick oven.Picture the scene with delicious ingredients cooked in an artificial environment- Steel oven walls, steel oven racks, an electric heater, or a gas fire... sound familiar?Now picture the same delicious ingredients cooked in a natural environment- Clay brick, a wood fire with glowing embers. Watch the intense radiant heat of the oven sizzle your food within a minute or two! But before you put the food in, can you smell the scent of that wood fire? Boy, it sure sounds inviting!You will not find another guide out there quite like this one! The valuable tips and techniques Ill share with you in this creation process, may come in very handy in whatever future projects you might find yourself doing.Please remember: Do not allow such an oven to be referred to as a Pizza Oven!